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NAGYAJTA (Aita Mare) administers two villages Nagyajta (Aita Mare) and Középajta (AitaMedie)


Nagyajta is one of the important villages of Barót Region. In the past it was the headquarters of Miklósvásár. In a description from 1567 it is mentioned with the name NAGIJAIJTA, with 61 houses, being one of the most populated villages in Háromszék. In Nagyajta in the second half of the 18th century a wide industrial layer was formed. In 1787 it was granted for the village to organize fairs, which is a still active tradition. Its annual fairs are on St. Julianna day, on the Feast of the Ascension and on 8th September, celebrating the birthday of Saint Mary.

Nagyajta is famous far away as well due to JánosKriza (Unitarian bishop, collector of Szekler folk poetry) who was born here.

The village’s tourist attractions are the Unitarian Fortified Church, the JánosKriza Memorial House, the Reformed Church, the iron bridge, the wonderful ceiling in eclectic style of the community centre. Its auditorium was named after József Bihari (1901-1981), Kossuth Prize holding actor.


Középajta(AitaMedie) is situated on the Ajta Brook’s bank, in a narrow valley. In a description dating back to 1567 it is mentioned as Felaytha with 53 houses. In the 18th century JózsefBenkő’s, (1740--1814) Reformed priest and polymath, garden van situated here with more than 600 plants. The scientist living in the beginning of Renaissance was both specialised in humanities and natural sciences. His main writing is Transsylvania, the description of Transylvania, as a botanist he first used Linné’s double inventory in Hungarian; he was also successful as a linguist. He was a member of the Harlem Science Group. His bust is situated in the Reformed church from the centre of the village (built in 1504 and reconstructed many times), the artist is IstvánPetrovics.


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