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Unitarian Fortified Church

Unitarian Fortified Church

Contact person : Fekete Levente

Phone: 0740 631 243

e-mail :

Address: 527005 Aita Mare, No 349

Covasna County


The village’s most important monument is the late gothic church built in the 15th century. On the southeast wall of the sanctuary there are narrow lancet windows, on its northern part a late gothic sacristy’s frame. The Renaissance stone pulpit was designed by György Dónáth in 1710.

The church is surrounded by a fortress wall built in Renaissance style in shape of an irregular quadrilateral. On its two peaky parts two towers can be found, and on its northern part a gate tower. On these towers one can find loopholes and holes for pouring boiled pitch. The towers presumably were built under Gábo Bethlen in the XVII. A memorial park is situated at the entrance of the fortified church, where the millennial sculpture group of the seven leaders can be found, built in 1996. Another monument inaugurated on 23 May 2011, unique in Transylvania, is situated at the entrance of the church, commemorating the figures of the Unitarian church imprisoned after the Hungarian Liberty Revolution in 1956.


Unitarian Fortified Church


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